Our Philosophy

We believe that the early years of a child’s life are the most formative and crucial in laying down foundations for the future.

Many people have studied the theory of play.  Herbert Spencer studied the 1st real theory and came to regard play as an outlet for surplus energy, with a consequent reduction of tension.

At the beginning of this century, Karl Groos stated that play is ‘Preparation for Adult Life’   Buhler and perhaps more better known, Piaget, believed that children developed as thinkers and learners through formulating and testing their own experiences.

All the activities on offer here at Sandfield Park are clearly designed to give children an opportunity to experience their environment, practice and develop skills, increase their knowledge, and to be given chances to make choices, to be praised and encouraged, to feel comfortable and secure in a warm, loving environment, and above all to be given respect and to be valued in their own right.

Sandfield Park Day Nursery

About Us


Sandfield Park Private Day Nursery Ltd is a purpose built building, ideally situated in half an acre of well-maintained gardens in a quiet corner of Sandfield Park in West Derby.  Our award winning Nursery was established in October 2000 and is owned by Mr Anthony Murphy.

Sandfield Park Private Day Nursery Ltd provides a stimulating, safe, child centred environment, ideal for your children to be nurtured in their formative years. The personal, social, emotional and intellectual development of each child is of paramount importance to us and our highly trained, dedicated and caring staff adopt an attitude of welcoming friendliness.

We welcome children from 6 weeks old to 5 years and provide full and part time day care.  We recognise and celebrate that all children are individuals and we encourage them to become independent and confident.

Our Buttercup and Daisy rooms (ages 0-2 years) are bright and spacious with all resources situated on the children’s level enabling children to access them at all times.  In all of our rooms there is a good balance of child-led and adult-led activities with a strong focus on the three Prime areas of learning.  This enables all children to make good progress in their learning and development, and ensures they are ready for the next stage in their lives.

Our Violet and Bluebell rooms (ages 2-3 years) are bright and spacious with all resources situated on the children’s level enabling children to access them at all times.  Independence is strongly promoted throughout the whole nursery, but particularly from this age onwards with children self serving at meal times.  BSL Sign language lessons are provided to this age group on a Wednesday afternoon by Miss Farmer of Signing Angels Ltd.

We have two Pre-School rooms being our Tulip and Sunflower rooms (aged 3-5 years).  Our Tulip room houses the younger of the pre-school aged children and our Sunflower room houses the older children.  Our Tulip room is the largest room in the nursery and has continual access into our large garden area.  Our Sunflower room is on a mezzanine floor.  Both rooms have the benefit of having Spanish lessons provided by  Passport Language Solutions, and also BSL Sign Language lessons from Miss Farmer of Signing Angels Ltd.

All of our children access our large, fully equipped outdoor provision on a daily basis in all weather conditions.  Our babies in Buttercup and Daisy rooms have their own designated garden area enabling them to play with age appropriate resources safely.

We operate a key person system throughout the whole nursery and each child who starts with us is designated a key person who will build up a strong bond with your child getting to know them really well. They will plan activities to meet your child’s individual needs and carefully observe your child’s development to ensure they are reaching their developmental goals.

Our EYFS Curriculum Leader, Yvonne Bridge, supports all staff to ensure a well structured and diverse curriculum is being provided to all children daily.  Yvonne tracks all of the children’s progress on a termly basis preparing reports and feedback for the whole staff team to ensure children are reaching their full potential.

Although our aim is to ensure that all children reach their full potential and achieve all of their early learning goals, sometimes children need a little extra support in some areas to do this. To this end we have two of our own in-house SENCOs (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) who are Claire Gould and Danielle Platt. If your child’s key person has a concern they will initially speak to you and thereafter Claire or Danielle who will in turn observe your child during their play and should she have any concerns she will discuss this with you thereafter making a joint decision as to how best to support your child.

Meal times consist of a well-balanced, healthy diet. Our Nursery cook, Christine and Kitchen Assistant, Valeria, prepare and cook everything fresh on the premises daily.  Christine has her City and Guilds 705, 706/1 and 706/2 as well as her Food Hygiene Level 3 qualifications and Valeria has her Food Hygiene Level 2 Certificate. We cater for all individual dietary requirements whether it be for allergy purposes, religious reasons or simply a parental preference. We have been graded a 5 by the Local Authority Environmental Health Agency.

Safety is a priority to us at Sandfield Park Day Nursery, which is a fully secured site, incorporating electronically locked gates and C.C.T.V’s on all the external entry and exit doors. Parents/carers and visitors have to go through two separate electronic entry systems before they gain entry to our reception area. Everyone who enters the site is carefully monitored. Of course, we stringently comply with the local authority fire regulations.

If you choose Sandfield Park Day Nursery you can be assured that you will be giving your child the best possible start in life, which will eventually lead them successfully on their way to formal education.



Quality Counts – NDNA Accredited

Sandfield Park has Quality Counts accreditation, the investors in children endorsed accreditation scheme of National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA).

Quality Counts is the leading quality assurance scheme specifically designed for group day care.

The Quality Counts scheme develops, encourages and maintains standards in early education and care.

Sandfield Park Day Nursery has passed assessment of 16 modules by an independent panel in order to receive the kite mark which acts as an indicator to parents of quality over and above the national standard.

Quality Counts is the investors in children endorsed accreditation scheme of NDNA. It is based on portfolio building, mentoring, training, self-assessment and independent assessment leading to the award of Quality Counts Accreditation.

The Quality Counts journey takes between 6-24 months to complete and requires the full investment and and participation of the whole nursery staff. This creates a culture of continuous improvement and commitment to team building.

We are delighted to have achieved Quality Counts Accreditation. We have always striven for the highest quality of care at Sandfield Park Day Nursery and believe that Quality Counts kite-mark will signify our commitment to the cause.

Equality, Inclusion & British Values

Each child will be treated with respect and their individuality acknowledged reflecting positively their gender, religion, ethnic and cultural origin, and age ability.

Individuals will be encouraged to develop to their full potential and to enhance their self -esteem. They will also be encouraged to have positive views of those that differ from them in race, colour, culture or religion.  Individuals will have equal access to all activities.

Our practitioners provide an exceptional range of resources and activities to promote the Universal British Values which are:-

Democracy: Making decisions together;

Rule of law: Understanding that rules matter;

Individual liberty: Freedom for all;

Mutual respect and tolerance: treat others as you want and to be treated.

We actively challenge gender, cultural and racial stereotyping and help children gain an understanding of people, families and communities beyond their immediate experience.

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