Admission policy

Sandfield Park Private day Nursery offers Nursery places for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. We are committed to providing a fair and open admission system that offers a competitively priced and good quality value service. We support parent/carers to access various entitlements; child tax credits, voucher schemes and funded places.

We operate an inclusion and equality policy to ensure all children can access a place within the setting irrespective of gender, race, disability religion or belief and sexual orientation of parent/carers.

Parent/carers are given all relevant information when enquiring about availability at the setting. They are also advised regarding places available. If a suitable place is available the parent/carer is invited to come to the setting for a visit along with the child.

Matters taken into account:

  • Availability of places taking into account staff ratio and age of child
  • Children with siblings in the setting
  • Waiting list for September starts – places given will depend on the availability of the places, however we try to operate a first come, first served basis where possible.
  • Part-time places will be taken into account depending on availability


Fees are to be paid in advance weekly or monthly. The parent/carer contract will be implemented. Parent/carers will be given prior notice to any changes in the fees.

Call: 0151 228 4040 for more information

Nursery Application Form

Please print, complete and return to us