Lunch : Chicken Korma with rice (v) Quorn chicken korma with rice

Pudding: Banana loaf

Snack : Toasted crumpets

Lunch: Ham, tomato & ricotta cheese pasta bake (v) Tomato & ricotta cheese pasta bake

Pudding : Blueberry mini muffins 

Snack : Tortilla wraps

Lunch: Salmon & broccoli pasta bake

(v) Cauliflower & broccoli pasta bake

Pudding : Cupcakes

Snack : Cheesy beans on toast

Lunch : Roast chicken & stuffing with roast potatoes, carrots, & broccoli with gravy (v) Quorn chicken roast with vegetable gravy

Pudding : Mini chocolate chip cookies

Snack : Brioche rolls with strawberry jam


Lunch: Bolognese pasta bake with garlic bread

(v) Quorn mince bolognese pasta bake with garlic bread

Pudding : Fromage Frais

Snack : Beans with croquette potatoes

Lunch: Jacket potatoes with cheese & beans

Pudding : Strawberry mousse

Snack : Noodles

Lunch : Scouse with crusty bread

(v) Quorn mince scouse

Pudding : Fromage frais

Snack : Toasted tea cakes

Lunch: Cottage pie with mixed vegetables

(v) Quorn mince cottage pie

Pudding : Jelly & fruit

Snack : Macaroni cheese


Lunch : Fish pie with carrots and peas

(v) cheesy beany pie

Pudding: Chocolate mousse

Snack : Home made mini pizza

Lunch : Sausage casserole

(v) Quorn sausage casserole

Pudding : Home made rice pudding

Snack : Toasted bagels

Lunch : Fruity chicken curry & rice (v) Quorn chicken curry & rice

Pudding : Fruit scones with strawberry jam

Snack : Pitta pockets

Lunch : Fish cake, mashed potatoes & peas

Pudding : Home made rice pudding

Snack : Tortilla wraps


Lunch : Creamy linguine with ham, lemon & basil

(v) Creamy linguine with mushroom, lemon & basil

Pudding: Flapjack

Snack : Humous with bread & vegetable sticks

Lunch : Savoury mince with potato wedges

(v) Savoury Quorn mince with potato wedges

Pudding : Fromage frais

Snack : Macaroni cheese

Lunch : Chicken & leek pie with parsnip & mashed potato, sweetcorn & peas

(v) Quorn chicken pie

Pudding : Banana loaf

Snack : Scotch pancakes with honey & raisin

Lunch : Italian stew with crusty bread

Pudding : Fromage frais

Snack : Noodles


Lunch : Sweet & sticky chicken noodles

(v) Sweet & sticky vegetable noodles

Pudding : Milk biscuits

Snack : Assorted sandwiches on wholemeal bread

Lunch : Roast chicken, stuffing, roast potatoes, carrots, cauliflower & gravy

(v) Quorn chicken roast dinner

Pudding : Angel cake

Snack : Mini sausage rolls with spaghetti hoops

Lunch : Spaghetti carbonara with garlic bread

(v) Mushroom carbonara

Pudding : Swiss roll & custard

Snack : Home made mini pizza

Lunch : Jacket potato with cheese & beans

Pudding : Banana & custard

Snack : Toasted pitta fingers with dips and vegetable sticks