Opening Hours

7.30am – 6pm Monday to Friday.

We are closed on Bank Holidays.

Session Times

Morning session times are 8.00am – 1.00pm

Afternoon session times are  1.00pm – 6pm

For late collection of children:

Parents/Carers who collect their children late will incur a charge of £5 for every five minutes that they are late.

Although attendance at Nursery is voluntary, it is desirable for your child to have a regular pattern of attendance. There may be occasions, however when absences are necessary. This may be due to several different reasons or because a child is finding it difficult to separate from their parent(s).

In order to maintain the safety of all children and to promote regular attendance we ask that parents/carers notify the Nursery as early as possible on the first day of a child’s absence and indicate if possible the expected length of absence.

Thank you


For children under 2 years old:

5 Full days – £212.50

1 day – £ 44.50

For children over 2 years old:

5 Full days – £200.50

1 day – £42.00

5 Morning Sessions (with lunch) – £128.75

1 Morning Session (with lunch) – £25.75

5 Afternoon Sessions (with snack) – £123.75

1 Afternoon Session (with snack) – £ 24.75

For children accessing the free education we also charge a surcharge of £1.25 per session towards food and drink. (i.e. £2.50 for a full day).

Nursery Deposit

Once you have been offered a place at the Nursery you will be required to pay a deposit of one weeks’ fees. This deposit is held on your account and is non-refundable should you decide not to take the place.   This deposit is used for your last weeks’ fees before your child leaves us to go to school.

Paying Nursery Fees

Nursery fees are payable on a weekly basis every Tuesday via a debit or credit card. You are required to provide written consent for us to take the fees from your account. If you would prefer to pay your fees monthly they will come out of your account on the 1st of every month.

You may be entitled to claim nursery vouchers from your employer. These are not means tested and both parents/carers can claim a maximum of £243 vouchers per month, provided your employer is registered with a childcare voucher provider. Some providers require an account number and ALL providers require our Ofsted registration number. For more information please speak to Claire.

Nursery vouchers however, are being phased out and new members are no longer able to join.  Instead the Government have set up a Tax-Free Childcare account whereby for every £8 you spend, they contribute £2 towards the cost of your nursery fees up to a maximum of £2,000 per year.  For further information visit

You may also be entitled to receive Tax Credits, however this is means tested and you will need to check your eligibility with the Tax Credit Office.

Some children aged 2 are able to claim a maximum of 15 hours per week free nursery education depending on whether you as parents/carers meet a certain eligibility criteria. For more information please speak to Claire.

From the term after their third birthday all children are entitled to receive up to 15 hours per week free nursery education.  Some children will be eligible to receive up to 30 hours free nursery education, however there is an eligibility criteria to meet.  For full details please visit or speak to Claire Gould.

Nursery Fees will be reviewed on 2nd March each year.

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